Marco Island Dentist | Preparing for a Dental Visit

We know that we are supposed to see the dentist every six months, or twice a year. We know twice a year dental cleanings are vital to the overall health of our mouth and our teeth. Many people, however, don’t know the proper things to do when it comes to preparing for that dental visit. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should do before seeing your Marco Island Dentist.

Brush and Floss

Many people think that since they are getting their teeth professionally cleaned that they don’t have to brush or floss before heading in. For the sake of your dental hygienist, don’t do that. Giving your mouth a thorough once-over before heading to the dentist not only makes for a quicker appointment, but the staff will appreciate it as well.

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Arrive Early

While you always want to make sure that you aren’t late for appointments and meetings, arriving early to the dentist office is particularly important if it is your first visit. Arriving early allow you time to relax before going in. It will also allow you time to fill out the necessary paperwork if it is your first visit with a new office.

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