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Dentist Marco Island | Which Dental Specialist Do You Need?

Since your mouth is the main gateway to your general health, you shouldn’t take your oral health lightly. This is the reason why you’ll need to see your Dentist Marco Island so that you can get your teeth cleaned twice a year or have your occasional filling. However, not all oral concerns can be handled by your dental care provider. Sometimes, you’ll need specific dental or oral treatments that would require the attention of a dental specialist. Let’s take a look at the different types of specialists that you may have to see at some point in your lifetime.


They specialize in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of various gum-related diseases.


These root canal specialists are the best ones to perform root canal therapy that involves the morphology, physiology, and pathology of your dental pulp and periradicular tissues.

Pediatric Dentists

These kid dental specialists perform treatment and dental disease prevention techniques among children from infancy through their teens. They work closely with family doctors, and pediatricians to ensure the provision of comprehensive medical and dental care for kids.


They’re the alignment specialists who fix crooked teeth, bad bites, gaps between teeth, and moving teeth. They also handle facial abnormalities and disorders that are related to your jaw. 


They’re the experts in replacing and restoring chipped, broken, or cracked crowns, bridges, and removable prosthetics. Your Dentist Marco Island may refer you to them when you’ll need treatment that involves jaw joint problems, oral cancer reconstruction, traumatic injuries of your mouth, and sleeping disorders.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

If your dental treatment involves the removal of your impacted wisdom teeth, corrective jaw surgery or cleft lip or cleft palate surgery, you’ll need to work with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. They’re oral surgery specialists who diagnose and treat diseases, injuries as well as defects that involve both functional and aesthetic aspects of your maxillofacial region.

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