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The Biggest Misconceptions About Dentures

Do you have any idea why your dentist is urging you to replace missing teeth ASAP? It’s because they know missing teeth can negatively impact your oral health. If missing teeth are your concern, you may want to consider Dentures in Marco Island. 

Besides ruining your smile and lowering your self-esteem, missing teeth also change your facial appearance, making you look older. Tooth loss also causes your remaining teeth to shift out of position, increasing your risk of developing oral health problems. 

Worst-case scenario, you’ll lose more teeth. Unfortunately, even though dentures have an excellent record of replacing missing teeth, circulating misconceptions about them discourages patients from checking them out. Below are 2 of the biggest misconceptions about dentures you should never believe. 

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Exposing The Biggest Lies About Dentures

Dentures Look Fake

One of the biggest lies people spread about Dentures in Marco Island is that they look fake. This myth has discouraged thousands of Americans and has deprived them of the smile they deserve. 

While it’s true that dentures designed decades ago look artificial, the dentures fabricated today look 100% natural. Thanks to technology, your dentist can customize your dentures to make the size, shade, and shape similar to your real teeth. 

You Don’t Need to See a Dentist 

People who are wearing Dentures in Marco Island think that they don’t need to see their dentist anymore because they already have a complete smile. With or without teeth, everyone is required to see a dentist at least once every six months. 

These dental checkups are vital so that your dentist can assess the soft tissues inside your mouth and see if the dentures fit well. The last thing you’d want is to have loose-fitting dentures. 

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Do You Want to Learn More Facts About Dentures in Marco Island? 

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