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When to Seek Emergency Dental Care

Are you delaying dental care due to cost? If you are experiencing a dental emergency but just chose to ignore the symptoms because you lack dental insurance, it can be a painful and costly decision in the long run. Though not all dental problems can be considered a dental emergency, it’s also important to remember that dental issues affect more than your smile. Identifying issues that are considered as dental emergencies is crucial so you will know what to do and when to seek emergency dental care in Marco Island.

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The Importance of Seeking the Right Kind of Care

Emergency Rooms vs. Emergency Dentist

A study conducted by the American Dental Association found that a patient comes into the emergency room every 15 seconds for a dental emergency. The ADA estimates that 79% of the ER visits could have been better addressed by a visit to the dentist. Emergency rooms don’t fix dental issues. They just provide medication for pain management and care for infections. It is also rare that a dentist is on duty in the ER. You might have a diseased tooth extracted, but restorative dental care such as root canals, dental crowns, and other dental services are not provided in the ER. If you go to the ER first instead of seeing a dentist for a dental emergency, the end result is a bill for the emergency room and the cost of the necessary dental visit for dental emergency care.

When to Seek Help

Most dentists reserve time in their daily schedules for emergency care patients. You need to have your dentist’s contact number available at all times in case of an emergency as it can happen at any time of the day. If you’re experiencing facial swelling, severe pain in teeth, mouth, gum, and jaw, and persistent bleeding, cracked, loosened, or knocked-out tooth, and a bitten lip or tongue, call your dentist immediately.

who offers emergency dental care in marco island?

Dealing with Emergency Dentist Care in Marco Island?

Don’t delay treatment because of the cost as some dental emergencies can be life-threatening. The cost of your treatment depends on your circumstances. Island Paradise Dental provides emergency dental care in Marco Island for patients of all ages. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with us.

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