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Handling Dental Emergencies 101

When is a good time to call a Marco Island emergency dentist? That’s a good question. Knowing when to call an emergency dentist is crucial for your oral health because if you are faced with a dental emergency and do not know it, you might wait longer, thinking it’s okay.

Sadly, the longer you wait, the greater the damage. Aside from being able to identify what a dental emergency looks like, you must also know how to deal with it while waiting for your emergency dentist.

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How Do You Handle a Dental Emergency?

A Knocked-Out Tooth

What are you going to do if your tooth gets knocked out? Call your dentist right away. While waiting, you can still save your tooth as long as you do the following:

  • Avoid touching the tooth roots. When you hold your tooth, hold it by the crown.
  • You may rinse it off with running water and then place it back into the socket if possible.
  • If not, you may place it in a milk container or wrap it in a gauze that’s moistened with your own saliva.

When you call an emergency dentist and do these steps, your tooth can still be saved.

Fractured and Cracked Tooth

Although it’s not as bad as a knocked-out tooth, you still need to call a Marco Island emergency dentist if you incurred a fractured, cracked, or chipped tooth. If you keep calm and do the following, you may still be able to save your tooth.

  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Apply a cold pack to minimize the swelling
  • Avoid drinking hot/cold beverages and eating sticky and hard foods

If it’s just a minor chip, you can wait until regular office hours, but if there’s a huge crack or fracture, it will need immediate attention.

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Are You Looking for a Marco Island Emergency Dentist?

One way of preventing dental emergencies is by keeping your teeth strong and healthy, and you can do that through your oral care routine and regular checkups with your dentist. If you experience a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

At Island Paradise Dental, we are dedicated to giving you honest, affordable, and personalized dental care. Call us today to make an appointment.

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