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How to Keep Tooth Decay at Bay

One of the reasons why you don’t want to see dentists in Marco Island is probably because you’re scared they’ll find cavities in your mouth. We can’t blame you. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth decay and cavities.

Cavities can be prevented, however, but you need to keep up with your oral hygiene. If you are guilty of not taking good care of your teeth, it may not be too late for you. You can prevent cavities if you follow your dentist’s advice

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How to Keep Cavities Away

Watch What You Eat

Do you know that cavities start with plaque buildup? Plaque is a sticky biofilm that continuously forms on your teeth. If you are a fan of sweet treats like candies, chocolates, and cakes, the bacteria present in plaque will feed on these sugars. As they feed on sugar, they release acids that are powerful enough to destroy your enamel, leaving pits and holes in your teeth called cavities. 

You can protect your teeth by staying away from foods that are rich in sugar and starch and instead choose foods that are good for your teeth like nuts, raw veggies, yogurt, and non-acidic fruits. 

Dental Visits 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is foregoing dental visits. Did you know you should visit your dentist at least once every six months to have your mouth checked for possible cavities? Aside from a dental exam, these visits also allow your dentist to clean your teeth and remove plaque and tartar from building up. 

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Are You Looking for Reliable Dentists in Marco Island?

If you want to keep your teeth cavity-free, partner with a trusted dentist. At Island Paradise Dental, we are passionate to help you achieve optimum dental health. We offer affordable, honest, and personalized treatment plans. Call us to learn more about our services

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