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Marco Island Dentist | All You Need to Know About Oral Pathology

It’s virtually impossible for a Marco Island dentist to provide the best possible care to his patients without trying to understand all sides of their oral health. Without getting to the root of the issue, no proper diagnosis will be arrived at.

What Exactly is Oral Pathology?

The process of determining or pointing out the cause for any particular issue is called oral pathology. Your Marco Island dentist will thoroughly examine your general oral healing to get a better understanding of whatever is going on in your mouth. This includes your gums, teeth, jawbone, neck, head, as well as your facial structures.

Your Health and Your Mouth

Did you know that your mouth happens to be one of your body’s early warning systems? When your health is being compromised, most of the signs and symptoms can be spotted in your patient’s mouth. More often than not, the cause of the oral disease is oral cancer. Like all types of cancers, oral cancer responds well to treatment when this abnormality is detected in its earliest stages.

Why You Need a Dentist

Therefore, professional screening is highly recommended at each dental visit to allow your Marco Island dentist to identify these signs and symptoms. You can also perform a self-examination to check for the presence of lesions, a sore that doesn’t seem to heal, chronic sore throat, difficulty swallowing, thickening of the skin, a lump, red or white patches, and other changes in the appearance of the lips, palate, tongue, cheeks, or your gum tissue.

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