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What Type of Oral Surgery Do You Need?

No one likes to go through Oral Surgery Marco Island. In fact, you don’t have to say this out loud. Your dentist already knows, which is why they would always stress out the importance of proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups because as long as you do these two consistently, your chances of going through oral surgery are slim.

However, if your condition requires oral surgery, you can’t say no. In fact, you don’t have a choice; otherwise, your problem will only get worse over time. What are the different kinds of oral surgery? Well, the type of oral surgery done on you will depend on your specific dental problem. Let’s find out more.

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What Oral Surgery Marco Island Do You Need?

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a very common Oral Surgery in Marco Island. Hundreds of tooth extractions are done every day. This is necessary to treat a disease, to remove extra teeth due to overcrowding, and to resolve trauma. When teeth can be seen on the gumline surgery isn’t needed.

Your dentist will only use special forceps to pull it out, which is called a simple extraction. However, if the teeth are hidden away, oral surgery is recommended so that your dentist can go past the gums and tissues and expose the teeth that are to be removed.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Your cosmetic dentist may suggest Oral Surgery in Marco Island if you need corrective jaw surgery, maxillofacial dental implants, pre-prosthetic bone augmentation, and nerve repositioning or dentoalveolar surgery. These kinds of operations are much more complex; that is why you need to find a seasoned oral and maxillofacial specialist to handle it.

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Do You Need Oral Surgery in Marco Island?

If your dentist recommends you go through oral surgery, you can come to us. At Island Paradise Dental, patients are our passion. We are dedicated to offering a relaxing environment for all our patients. We have a wide range of dental health services that will suit your lifestyle so that you can achieve the smile of your dreams. Our trained staff is always available to guide you towards achieving optimum dental health. Call us today to learn more about our services or get in touch with us by visiting our website.

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