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Interesting Facts About Braces That Will Make You Want to Have Them

What do you know about Orthodontics in Marco Island? It’s common knowledge that most patients who have orthodontic issues wear braces to straighten their teeth. Everyone knows what braces look like – it’s made up of a thin metal wire that runs across your teeth and is anchored to metal brackets. 

Each tooth has a metal bracket attached to it. The purpose of braces is to straighten your teeth and to correct jaw misalignment, but aside from these, there are other much more exciting facts about braces that not many people know about. Let’s find out what these are. 

Surprising Facts About Braces

Braces Are Almost 30 Decades Old

Do you know that the first person that invented braces was Pierre Fauchard? He is hailed as the father of modern dentistry. Braces were first created in 1728. It was made of metal attached to a patient’s teeth through a thread

After 200 hundred years, Edward Angle changed the design to make the device more effective and efficient in treating alignment issues. It was in 1915 when he made brackets using gold. He chose 14k or 18k gold because of its malleability. The world of Orthodontics in Marco Island is indeed exciting. 

Braces Don’t Just Straighten Your Teeth

While it’s true that Orthodontics in Marco Island aims to straighten your teeth and correct jaw misalignment problems, these are not the only benefits you can get from wearing braces. Based on studies, braces give you a gorgeous smile, but they also fix speech problems, breathing issues, and problems with chewing, swallowing, and digesting

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