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What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is one of the most important parts of oral hygiene which involves the removal of dental plaque from in between teeth and its surface. This procedure is performed to prevent cavities, periodontal disease, and gingivitis. Dental hygienists and dentists can remove hardened deposits not removed by routine brushing alone. Keeping your teeth clean is a no-brainer, but you should have a dental professional deep clean your teeth. Deep teeth cleaning Marco island treatment is necessary to remove buildup that may have developed in areas that are difficult to reach in routine tooth brushing.

Teeth Cleaning Overview

Many people dread teeth cleaning due to prodding, strange noises, and occasional jaw discomfort. Learning what goes through the process can help ease your stress and allow you to enjoy the benefits of professionally cleaned teeth. Here’s what you can expect during teeth cleaning appointment:

A Physical Exam

Most teeth cleanings are carried by dental hygienists. Before the actual cleaning process begins, they start with a physical exam of your entire mouth. The dental hygienist uses a small mirror to check around your gums and teeth for any signs of potential concerns. If major problems are detected, the dental hygienist might call the dentist to make sure it’s fine to proceed.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

With the small mirror to guide the procedure, the dental hygienist will use a scaler to remove tartar and plaque buildup around your gum line and in between your teeth.

Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning

After all the tartar and plaque buildup is removed, the hygienist will use a high-powered electric brush to get a deep clean and remove any tartar left behind by the scaler.

Expert Flossing

Your dental hygienist will locate any potential trouble spots where you might bleed at the gums. Having a professional flossing session also removes any leftover toothpaste or plaque from earlier during the cleaning process.

Rinsing and Fluoride Treatment

You will be given a rinse that contains liquid fluoride to rinse your mouth out of any debris. The last step would be the fluoride treatment to protect and help your teeth fight against cavities for several months.

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Teeth cleaning is a very important procedure and should not be skipped. To schedule professional teeth cleaning Marco island treatment, contact Island Paradise Dental today to schedule an appointment.

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