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Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL | Facts About Teeth Whitening Uncovered

Nowadays, people would do anything to have a bright, white smile. After all, who wouldn’t want a major confidence-booster? With professional teeth whitening Marco Island FL, you can forget about your stained or discolored teeth. Before you know it, you’ll look and feel your best as you flash your dazzling killer smile in your Instagram selfies. We’ve uncovered some facts about teeth whitening Marco Island FL that you need to know.

It Won’t Damage Your Teeth

Like your skin, your teeth also have pores that cause them to absorb anything that you put in your mouth like a sponge. In the same manner that it absorbed the stains that were caused by the food and beverage that caused their discoloration, the active ingredients that are found in teeth whitening Marco Island FL treatments cause the pores in your teeth to open so that they can effectively clean the stains. Don’t worry, after each teeth whitening Marco Island FL session, your teeth will rehydrate and re-mineralize the natural way.

Your Delivery Device is the Key to Effective Teeth Whitening

The use of a custom-fitted whitening tray ensures that the whitening agent reaches every angle of each tooth. Unlike whitening strips, UV lights or boil and bit trays, this delivery device will make you feel confident that all your teeth will get a coverage that’s both even and consistent.

Your Teeth Will Be Sensitive After the Whitening Treatment

Don’t freak out if your teeth’s ability to insulate the nerve from temperature changes become diminished after a tooth whitening session. After 12 to 36 hours, this sensitivity will disappear. Your dentist may also recommend a post- whitening fluoride treatment to promote rehydration.

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Do You Need Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL?

If you want to get teeth whitening Marco Island FL treatment to spruce up your smile, head down to Island Paradise Dental today or ring us up to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert J. Abbiati, DDS!

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