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Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL | Top Questions About Teeth Whitening

If you’re curious about Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL, check out these frequently asked questions about it.

Who should Use Whitening?

Any person who has no issues with his teeth or gums can use Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL if he intends to brighten up his smile. This can effectively remove teeth stains including coffee, tea, tobacco, tetracycline, and others. In case you’re wondering, any existing dental work won’t be affected if you decide to get Teeth Whitening.

How Long Does the Whitening Process Take?

Did you know that the whole Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL process takes only 45 minutes to an hour to complete? For about 15 minutes, your dentist will talk to you about your teeth’s whitening process before he applies the whitening solution. The whole treatment process will most likely last for an hour.

How Often Does Whitening Need to be Touched Up?

Since Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL is not permanent, those who are fond of consuming food and beverage that stain the teeth will probably see the whiteness to start fading in a month’s time. Those who avoid eating and drinking anything that may stain their teeth can wait a year or longer before a touch-up is required.

What are the Side Effects?

Are you aware that on average, 90% of those who whiten their teeth experience zero discomforts? However, a few may feel a temporary increase in the sensitivity of their teeth as well as a mild irritation of the soft tissues in their mouth and gums. The good news is, both conditions disappear within 3 days.

Do They Work on Dentures and Veneers?

No, because the whole process is meant to enhance the natural whiteness of your teeth’s enamel. Tooth-colored fillings, crowns, dentures, bonding, bridges, and veneers do not lighten. You may need to replace pre-existing dental work to match the whiteness of your new tooth shade. You can lighten up your teeth to match a crown or a veneer with the use of gels products.

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You’ll Love Your Sparkly White Smile After Teeth Whitening Marco Island FL?

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