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Teeth Whitening Pitfalls You Should Avoid

You’re probably familiar with the no coffee, no wine, or any highly-pigmented food for 24 hours edict if you have had your teeth professionally whitened. You really mean to follow through, but then that urge to have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee starts to beckon and then you gave in. How much could one little cup really affect your smile? And why do you have to have your teeth whitening Marco Island treatment be performed by a professional instead of relying on DIY kits? Would it make any difference if you do not follow the 24-hour any drinking/eating staining food instruction?

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What to Do Post-Whitening

The Big No-No After a Professional Whitening Treatment

If you think it won’t affect your newly-whitened teeth if you just give in to your wine or coffee cravings, the answer could be more than you think. You must understand that the teeth whitening process can slightly dehydrate your teeth. This, in turn, makes them temporarily more likely to absorb deep stains from your wine or iced-coffee. Dentists recommend to stay away from food and drinks with strong pigmentation for at least 24 hours after your treatment and even longer if possible

Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes You May Be Doing Right Now 

Teeth whitening can dramatically transform your appearance, but if it goes wrong, you could end up damaging your teeth and your smile could look worse. Here are some common teeth whitening mistakes you have to avoid or stop doing:

  • Using cheap teeth whitening kits
  • Trying natural teeth whiteners like salt or activated charcoal
  • Using a teeth whitening tray  that doesn’t fit
  • Using cheap teeth whitening kits
  • Trying to whiten your crowns, veneers, and fillings
  • Not cleaning your teeth before whitening treatment
  • Having your teeth whitened at a salon
  • Not following instructions
  • Too much bleaching

In the quest for pearly white teeth, it’s easy to fall into bad teeth whitening techniques and products that can do more harm than good. To avoid making things worse, it is best to see a licensed dentist and have your teeth professionally whitened for a better, safer, and efficient result. 

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Questions About Teeth Whitening Marco Island Treatment?

Most whitening methods out there do work, but you might be making a mistake by trying them first without consulting your dentist. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and cringed at how your teeth looked, schedule an appointment with us at Island Paradise Dental for safe and effective teeth whitening Marco Island treatment. 

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