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The Secrets To Visibly Whiter Teeth

When taking selfies, do you use filters to hide your stained teeth? The problem with filters is they only make your smile attractive in digital images. Unfortunately, once you turn them off and stare at your teeth in the mirror, all your insecurities will creep back in. You don’t have to feel insecure for the rest of your life because cosmetic dentists in Marco Island can help you! An easy fix to stained teeth is professional teeth whitening. Here are 2 secrets to having a brilliantly brighter smile.

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What Are The Secrets To Whiter Teeth?

Avoid Food and Drinks That Cause Teeth Stains

Why do you think your teeth look the way they do? Several factors contribute to teeth staining, like medications, aging, and genetics. However, in most cases, people have teeth stains because of the food and drinks they consume regularly. Drinks like coffee, tea, wine, sodas, and fruit juices are known to cause teeth stains and weaken your enamel–increasing your susceptibility to staining. Foods like chocolate and curry are also known to stain your teeth. Dentists recommend you minimize your consumption of these teeth-staining food and drinks to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The most effective way to brighten your smile is to have your teeth professionally whitened. Sure, you can find DIY teeth whitening kits in stores, but this is not recommended! Moreso, not only is it unsafe, but there’s also no guarantee it will work. The best way to remove teeth stains is to invest in an in-office whitening procedure. In just a single appointment, you will see instant results up to 8 shades brighter.

Who is the best Cosmetic dentists Marco island?

Are You Looking For Cosmetic Dentists in Marco Island?

Are you looking for a reliable cosmetic dentist who can bring out the beauty in your smile? We can make that happen for you. At Island Paradise Dental, we promise to give you the smile you want. We will turn your dream smile into a reality, so you won’t use filters anymore. Our trained staff is always available to guide you towards achieving optimum dental health and an attractive smile. Call us today to learn more about our services or get in touch with us by visiting our website.

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