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What are the Different Types of Mouth Guards?

People who constantly engage in contact sports have a much higher risk of suffering dental trauma from injuries to the head. While you may think that purchasing a mouth guard from the nearest store can effectively protect your teeth, the fact that they’re not specifically designed to fit your mouth can make them extremely uncomfortable and bulky as well. It’s best to schedule an appointment with a Marco Island emergency dentist if you need a well-fitted mouth guard to keep your teeth protected.

What are the Different Types of Mouth Guards?

In case you’re wondering, mouth guards are oral appliances that are worn over an individual’s upper teeth while they play contact sports. They’re designed to stand up to tearing, as well as a concentrated force. Should you suffer injuries to the head, wearing a mouth guard will protect your teeth from the point of impact. With a mouth guard on, your teeth won’t get knocked out when you play contact sports such as boxing, football, and hockey.

Stock Mouth Guard

Although this is the cheapest option available, it also offers the least protection because it doesn’t perfectly fit the person’s teeth and gums. They can be very uncomfortable because they’re bulky and they make it difficult for the user to talk or even breathe.

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guard

This option is slightly better than a stock mouthguard because they’re made of a thermoplastic material that molds to your teeth after you bite into them after they were placed in boiling water. Although it offers a better fit than the other option, boil-and-bite mouthguards are far from being durable.

Custom Mouth Guard

Compare to other alternatives, the custom mouth guard is the best choice. Aside from the fact that they’re specifically designed to fit your teeth and gums, they’re also extremely durable and comfortable to wear.

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