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What To Expect During A Comprehensive Dental Exam

How often should you get a comprehensive dental exam? Family dentistry in Marco Island recommends starting with a comprehensive dental exam prior to providing treatment. The frequency of these visits varies from person to person.

If you are at a low risk for oral diseases, twice a year is probably enough. However, if you are considered high risk based on the results of your comprehensive dental exam, your dentist may require you to visit more frequently. A lot of people skip dental exams because they are afraid the treatments are going to be painful. Before you jump to conclusions, it’s best if you consult with your dentist so you’ll know what to expect during a comprehensive dental exam.

What is Family Dentistry Marco Island?

What Happens During A Comprehensive Dental Exam?

Evaluation and Assessment

Family dentistry clinics offer comprehensive dental exams to all patients regardless of age. During the examination, you will be asked about your concerns, your medical history and background, the medications you are taking, and your lifestyle and diet. A dental health assessment will also be done to check your dental health, and your risk of oral health problems like:

  • Bone disease
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities.

Apart from your teeth and gums, your dentist will also check your bite and jaw to see if they fit well. Part of the exam includes oral cancer screening.

Education and Treatment

After checking your oral health, your dentist will proceed by educating you about oral hygiene. Most dentists will take the time to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques! Your teeth will also be checked to see if they need restorative or cosmetic dental care.

What is Family Dentistry Marco Island?

Do You Need A Family Dentistry in Marco Island Comprehensive Dental Exam?

The most vital part of a comprehensive dental exam is the exchange of information between you and the dentist. This discussion is crucial in restoring and improving your oral health. If you would like to know more about comprehensive dental exams, feel free to call us or get in touch with us by visiting our website. At Island Paradise Dental, your needs are our priority!

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